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Incredible as it might seem, bookkeeping is a responsibility put off or ignored more than almost all other responsibilities in small business. This practice is so detrimental to all business since having this information is vital to making good business decisions as well as planning and growing your business. Reports like a P&L give so much more insight to your business than just seeing if I have money left over at the end of the month. Used correctly can increase profits and give insight to areas like production, ROI’s and breakeven.

How does it work?

Working hard in the background is our QuickBooks trained employees hard at work
keeping your income and expenses recorded. We link your online QB’s account where we create the right Chart of Account for you type of business so that all of your entries fall in the right accounts and paint the correct picture of your business. As often as you want, we can schedule calls to discuss various reports and performances to help you identify needed areas to focus on.

How does it benefit?

Imagine going on a long journey knowing only the final destination but not know
the many turns, stops roads you need to follow to get there. Not knowing the numbers of your business is like taking a journey not knowing how to get to the destination. Chances are that you won’t arrive at your initial goal destination. What’s really scary is when a business owner doesn’t have these reports or visibility into their business the chances of failure escalates immensely. Having insight into the inner working of your business is a powerful tool to help you grow and sustain your business.

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